Management Team

John Anderson


John is a visionary who, during his career in senior management, saw the increasing burdens that regulatory agencies were putting on businesses. He saw that business owners were at risk because they were either unaware or unequipped to deal with these demands. Out of his commitment to protect the entrepreneurial spirit and support small businesses, John launched an innovative HR outsourcing solution in 1998. Owners and senior executives have benefitted from John's passion to help them discover how to focus on what they do best and to help employees indentify and develop their unique abilities. John enjoys his calling to servant leadership and community stewardship.

Monica Contreras


Monica has a passion for listening to business owners share their goals and obstacles and partnering with them to experience higher levels of personal and business achievement. Monica worked in Fortune 500 organizations for almost 15 years and also has 15 years of small business ownership experience. She uses the knowledge she has accumulated from these experiences and her focus on problem solving creativity to help clients put people and processes in place to optimize success. Her goal is to help employers create their own winning culture, and make business ownership the rewarding experience it should be.

Verla Oliver

Vice President

Verla has a gift for synthesizing complex HR issues into understandable action plans. With over 16 years of consulting and business experience and a legal education, she enjoys helping businesses accomplish their strategic initiatives within the ever changing climate of employment law compliance. Additionally, with a strong entrepreneurial family heritage of building small businesses, she knows first-hand their challenges and struggles for success. Verla is a graduate of UCLA and holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification.