SPO Vs. Other Options

SinglePoint Outsourcing vs. Other Options

Human resources can be handled in different ways. With many years of experience and a keen focus on doing it quite well, we have developed processes and tools that work well to support client success. Internal HR departments can be expensive and slow to adapt to a company’s changing needs; out of fear, many tend to wrap everything in red tape, which stagnates a business. Many third-party solutions require numerous vendors, expensive attorneys, and have fragmented operations that produce more problems than solutions.

At SinglePoint Outsourcing, we support all of your HR needs as your single go-to partner. With our team of HR specialists you can have confidence that you will be compliant with the law while poised to tackle evolving marketplace challenges, and – most importantly – free to passionately run your business like you have always dreamed.

Internal HR
  • Limited knowledge
  • Narrow range of experience
  • Technology is cost prohibitive
  • Lack of HR oversight
  • Compromised objectivity
  • Expensive
  • Managing many vendors
  • Easily influenced by company norms
  • Training is self driven
  • Fearful of backlash when raising concerns
  • Specialists in each key area
  • Experience in wide range of industries and situations
  • Access to shared technology investment
  • HR team managed by HR professionals
  • Uninfluenced by employee friendships
  • Cost effective
  • End-to-end solution
  • Valuable outside perspective
  • Intentional training & development
  • Freedom to share concerns
Other Options
  • Numerous Vendors
  • Fragmented systems
  • Expensive attorneys
  • Lack of vision
  • Reactive vs. proactive
  • Additional management
  • Uncertainty of compliance
  • Limited accountability
  • Communication gaps
  • Slower timelines

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