Embrace Change

Recognize and respond to change

Today’s workforce is composed of a wide range of age groups, from Generation Z to Baby Boomers. To remain attractive to each of these segments, employers are discovering that they need to offer varying incentives, benefits, and programs to respond to the workforce’s diverse cross-generational preferences.

Further, when seeking top tier talent, employers will need to embrace a wider range of work arrangements to fill key positions. This includes utilizing retired part-time workers, remote staff, and telecommuters, as well as interns, consultants and outsourcing providers.

As the makeup of the workforce changes, employers must evolve in the way they respond to the workforce. Younger workers are accustomed to using technology to simplify life, and employers must adapt to new technologies to remain attractive landing spots for workers. Employers’ strongly held traditions regarding dress code, working hours, and the work environment will be challenged. The highly-sought-after recruit is looking for more freedom when it comes to expression, creativity, and scheduling. They are also seeking greater purpose in their work and want to make a difference in the world.

Employers need to see their organization through the eyes of the top recruits, and make the proper adjustments. Adaptation and evolution is the name of the game, and those who do it best will be the winners.

These changes may seem daunting, but you must adapt to them if you are to survive in this economy. At SinglePoint Outsourcing, we have the expertise to help you with the ever-changing human resources needs. Working together we can navigate through these changes. Call us today at (559) 625-4800, and let’s discuss how to handle the changing face of your company.