Engage Employees

Don’t underestimate the power of company culture

One of the most critical aspects of a profitable and sustainable business is a thriving company culture. Business leaders often focus strictly on revenue numbers, inadvertently overlooking important employee engagement factors. Employees thrive and produce better results when they have a positive work environment, meaningful work and strong company leadership. These key factors shape a company’s “brand” in the eyes of their employees. If a company’s brand is weak, employees will look for other opportunities.

Studies show that 64% of employees are deeply concerned about their company culture. Only 13% of the workforce feels highly engaged. When the cost of labor is one of the highest expenses in a business, that’s a scary number. Alarmingly, other studies show that most managers don’t know how to define or drive culture in the workplace.

To complicate matters, social media now allows employees to air their grievances with managers and co-workers in very visible forum. This requires that every organization understand their internal weaknesses and conflicts and that they teach their managers to respond in a timely and responsible manner.

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